Abstracts of International Conference on Scholarly Communication, Open-Access Publishing and Ethics


Y. Srinivasa Rao (ed)
School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Vijayawada


Academic education, research, and development intensify the nation socially and fiscally competitive. Institutions have a greater role to enhance their intellectual infrastructure facilitations to help in the process of building an institutional academic and research culture through means of scholarly communication and publication. This book covers Abstracts of various peer-reviewed papers presented in the International Conference on Scholarly Communication, Open-access Publishing and Ethics (SCOPE-2018) held at SPA Vijayawada during 25 -26 October 2018. Indeed, these papers are divided into four important subject areas viz. academic research and development; scholarly communication; open access publishing, copyright and ethics; and academic library, preservation facilitations.


  • Front Matter
  • Is LIS Education in India- At Cross Roads?
    N Laxman Rao
  • Searching New Pedagogy: Teaching History of Architecture in Architecture Institutes
    Dhara Dave, Shreya Parikh, Archana Baghel
  • Analysis of Current Internship Practice and its Relevance with Curriculum: A Case Study of Architecture School
    Archana Baghel, Dhara Dave, Shreya Parikh
  • A Classical Discourse of Research methodology from Philosophical Standpoint: Need to Know to Claim Knowledge
    Banani Banerjee
  • Orbit of Information in [mis] Information Era
    Gauri Y Bhagwat
  • Intellectual Infrastructure Development in the Era of Information Society
    Amit Tiwari, Udaya Varadarajan
  • Social Engineering: Questioning the Human Security?
    Haseena V.K.K.M., Chandrakumar V.
  • Mapping the Impact of Research and Role of the Librarian
    Nabi Hasan
  • Scholarly Communication Cycle: SWOT Analysis
  • Authorship and Collaboration pattern in the field of Social Sciences at Jawaharlal Nehru University: A study
    Shipra Awasthi
  • Publication Trend of Biochemistry Research in India: A Scientometric Study
    K G Sudhier
  • Scientometric Analysis with Special Reference to the Publications Indexed in SCOPUS on rTMS during 2008 to 2017
    Prabakar S, Nagarajan M, Sivasamy K, A Thirumagal
  • A Bibliometric Study of Citations in Ph.D Theses on Mechanical Engineering
    Raonak Salim S, Surendra Babu K
  • The Preparation Guidelines to Certify Repositories: A Case of Thai Institutional Repositories
    Namtip Wipawin, Buntarika Nuntha
  • Quantitative Analysis of Open Access Publications of CSIR-IICT: A Case Study
    Baby Sowjanya U., Karunakar G
  • Awareness of Open Access Scholarly Publications among Science Faculty members in selected Universities of Karnataka State
    S Sumadevi, Sampath Kumar B T
  • Open Source Tools for Information Visualization: A Comparative Study
    Shashikumara A A, Viral Asjola, Manu T R, Panna Chaudhary, Prasanna Kumar Muduli
  • Impact of OA Policies on Scholarly Publishing in the Technical University Libraries of Odisha
    Sanghamitra Dalbehera
  • Influence of Open Access on the Developing Nations: A case of Indian ULB’s
    Amrita Rastogi, Shiva Santhan Raj
  • Publishing Research Articles in Journals Having impact factor – a blessing or a curse?
    Himanshu Agarwal
  • Copyright for E-learning: A Recent Fair Dealing Issues in Today’s Learning System
    Ananya Sarkar, Souvik Koner
  • Is Research in India Without Glitches? Evidences of Some Corrupt Practices
    Srinivas Lakkoju
  • How Predatory Publishers are corrupting the Open Access Model?
    Satyabrata Garanayak, Ramaiah C K
  • Use and Access of Scholarly Content of NASSDOC, ICSSR: A Case Study
    Ramesh Yernagula, Subhajit Choudhury
  • Design and Implementation of Digital Asset Management System in Academic Libraries
    Trupti Barot, Shashikumara A A, Minaxi Parmar, Manu T R
  • College Librarians’ Perception of Preservation of Library Documents in the Aided Arts and Science Colleges Affiliated to the Bharathidsan University
    Selvaraj R, Manalan J
  • Analytical Study on Preservation and Conservation Issues and Techniques in selected Technical Universities of Odisha
    Prangya Das, Bijay Kumar Choudhury
  • Preparation, Proceed and Review of Preservation of Digital Library
    Asheesh Kamal
  • User Awareness on Innovative Library Facilities at Kakatiya University: A Survey
    S Sujatha
  • Altmetric Study: A New Role of Library Information Science Professionals
    Kamala Mohanty
  • Digital Initiatives with special reference to Digital Libraries in India: A Study
    Mallikarjuna A
  • Cloud Computing in Libraries
    T Sambasiva Rao
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October 24, 2018

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