About the Press

This press is published by AIJR Publisher with the imprint of 'AIJR Books'. AIJR aims to publish high-quality open-access books in all academic fields. All publications are open access which enables free availability to worldwide readers.

Types of Book we publish: We publish the following type of books online for free with open access.

Benefits: Publishing with us is great for many reasons.

  • Peer-Reviewed: Our all publications are peer-reviewed which enhance the quality of the publication. Academic Thesis gets reviewed internally.
  • Low Fee: We charge the lowest possible fee and even our some publications are free.
  • Open Access: All books are published with free access to everybody worldwide, No hidden fees.
  • ISBN: Each publication will get assigned ISBN number and registered in the international database.
  • DOI: Each publication will get assigned doi from CrossRef and get deposited into CrossRef database. For Edited Volume and Conference Proceedings, individual chapter/paper will also get assigned separate doi which will be deposited to the CrossRef database.
  • Retain copyright: Author retains copyright and granted non-exclusive publishing right to the AIJR Publisher. Author(s) are free to disseminate their published article, make copies for any use, and/or deposit in any repository or archive they like by linking to the original published article.
  • Support the community: By publishing your book with us you support the AIJR Publisher and enable youths to read your work.
  • Be read: Due to our books are free to everybody, more people access the books and cite you.
  • Print on Demand: We also offer print version (with print ISBN) on-demand with a payment of printing expense, contact us for a quote.

Publishing Fee

The author will require to pay a minimum of following fee (non-refundable) if the editor approves the submission to proceed for publication-

  • Thesis/Dissertation: If approved by the editor a payment of $100 will be required.
  • Project Reports: If approved by the editor a payment of $150 will be required.
  • Monographs/Books: If approved by the editor a payment of $200 will be required.
  • Edited Volumes: If approved by the editor a payment of $100 per chapter (a minimum of $500) will be required.
  • Proceedings: It may vary from $500-$5000, depending upon time period between our agreement and conference event.
  • Any other kind of book: Kindly contact us with author's and book's detail for a quote. 

Applicable fee will be communicated to the author before proceeding for the review process. The review process may take from 2-6 months depending upon the book's content. The author may request rapid review with an additional fee of $500, which will guarantee the completion of the review process within 5 weeks.

Note: Considering the manuscript under rapid review will depend upon the availability of related reviewer which will be confirmed to the author after they request for rapid review.

Kindly note that manuscript submission will not require any payment, the editor will ask for payment only when the submission found to be suitable for publication.

Publisher Address

A. Bari Khan
AIJR Publisher
#73, Darussalam
Dhaurahra, Balrampur
Uttar Pradesh
India 271604
email: info@aijr.in