Cloud Computing in Libraries


T Sambasiva Rao
Lakireddy Balireddy College of Engineering ,Mylavaram, Krishna Dist, Andhra Pradesh


In the modern world of advanced technologies, Cloud computing has created a revolutionary impact on every possible field of human activity. And, it is no different in the case of Library and information systems. It has emerged as a boon for Library personnel by offering multiple opportunities to connect their services with cloud- based servers. The users can access humongous amounts of data and information in real time. In this paper, we seek to present an overview of cloud computing along with its myriad potential applications for effective dissemination of information as well as delivery of major library services. It also analyzes the tremendous benefits of linking through this web-based environment. Our study will help in further bring clarity on assessing the potential avenues of locating and creating cloud-based services for libraries all over the world.

October 24, 2018