How Predatory Publishers are corrupting the Open Access Model?


Satyabrata Garanayak
Department of Library and Information Science (DLIS), Pondicherry University, Puducherry
Ramaiah C K
School of Media and Communication & Professor, DLIS, Pondicherry University, Puducherry


Most of the emerging problems of the publishing industry is due to fast growth of predatory journals. It is not only the main problem of publishing domain but also affecting on the entire research and knowledge domain. Introduction of open access (OA) mode of publishing made revolutionary change in the publishing world as most of the full-text journals are available on the internet with free of cost. The situation of OA concept changed after 2009 when Beall identified the imitation publishers/journals in his email inbox. After doing some serious research, he named this kind of publication as ‘Predatory Publishing.’ These publishers/journals request for an article through spam emails and publishing all those papers by taking article processing charges (APCs) from authors

October 24, 2018