Is LIS Education in India- At Cross Roads?


N Laxman Rao
Library and Information Science, Osmania University, Hyderabad


It is more than 100 years ago LIS education was started in India. Over a period of century many universities started LIS programs. From last two decades, many universities started LIS programs in open mode. Three University Grants Commission (UGC) committees were formed to review and recommend the curriculum for these programs. The libraries are working in dynamic environment, naturally the professionals need proper education and training which is possible in planning the programs and make with more practical approach. There is an urgent need to review present programs in the context changing publishing trends and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) developments. It is a challenge to librarians to adopt the changes that are taking place to move forward and provide best possible service. Every professional need education and training to work in ever changing library environment. The regular training is needed to in-service professionals too.

October 24, 2018