Copyright for E-learning: A Recent Fair Dealing Issues in Today’s Learning System


Ananya Sarkar
Calcutta University, Kolkata
Souvik Koner
National Digital Library of India (NDLI) IIT, Kharagpur


Copyright plays a vital role in today’s educational system especially in e-learning. Although, copyright protection has been in existence in more than 150 years, the issues of copyright have not been received enough attention within this tenure. The recent development of information and communication Technology (ICT) influenced a lot to the modern educational system. As Internet is one of the technologies accessing online version of books and journals. So, digital copyright has become a great concern in online learning system. In this paper, it is discussed about basic copyright issues and fair use with the example of Rameshwari Photocopy service of Delhi University. In addition to this, the Indian Copyright law, infringement to the copyright and also exceptions particularly with regard to fair use of copyright.

October 24, 2018