Laser Irradiation Effect & Photoconductivity in Amorphous Semiconductor


Adam Abdullah Bahishti
Department of Physics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi


Laser irradiation effect on optical properties of Se-Te based chalcogenide thin films with different metallic additives has been studied using TEA N2 laser as an irradiation source. Melt-quenching technique has been adopted to prepare all compositions of the investigated glassy systems. The as-quenched glassy alloys have been grounded and the resulting fine powder has been used to prepare the thin films by PVD method on the pre-cleaned glass substrate. The optical absorbance (A) and transmittance (T) measurement have been done using Camspec (model M550) UV/VIS/NIR double beam. Laser irradiation has been carried out using pulsed transverse electrical excitation at atmospheric pressure (TEA) nitrogen laser (wavelength 337.1 nm, peak power 100 kW, and pulse width 1 ns) with peak average energy density of ~3.5 x 105 W/cm2 for different times. Effect of Al and Hg metallic additives on photoconductivity of Se-Te based glassy alloy has also been studied. Thin films of Se-Te-Al and Se-Te-Hg alloy have been used for photoconductivity study. Observed photoconductivity effect and laser irradiation effect on optical properties, thermal properties have been reported in this monograph.

Keywords: Laser Irradiation, Optical Properties, Thermal Properties, Photoconductivity, Chalcogenide Glasses


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July 4, 2018

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