Chapter 4: Effect of Metallic Impurities on Photoconductivity of Se-Te Based Chalcogenide Thin films


Adam Abdullah Bahishti
Department of Physics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi


Photoconductivity is an intrinsic property of the chalcogenide glasses. It leads to a variety of interesting effects, which as a group can be labeled photo-induced effect and make structural changes. The changes in structure are caused by the absorption of above or below bandgap light and the subsequent relaxation of the excited state into a new metastable structure. The ability to control the structure and properties of the chalcogenide glasses with light makes them uniquely suitable for applications in optics and microfabrication. In this chapter photo-induced effect on Se88Te12-xAlx and Se96-xTe4Hgx thin films have been studied and explained.

Thesis Cover Page
July 4, 2018