Dynamic and Steady State Modelling of Voltage-Output PSFB DC-DC LCLC Resonant Converter based on GAM


Chaouch Saad
Research Center in Industrial Technologies CRTI
Kahla Sami
Research Centre in Industrial Technologies CRTI Algiers
Boutaghane Amar
Research Center in Industrial Technologies CRTI, Algeria
Hasni Mourad
Electrical Engineering, University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB)


In this paper a new dynamic and steady state models of phase-shift full bridge (PSFB) DC-DC LCLC resonant converter with capacitive output filter based on generalized averaged modelling approach are presented. At first, the switched model is developed to derive the averaged model limited to sliding first harmonic. After, the steady state behaviour is obtained which is suitable for designing this type of converter in new field of applications such as arc welding power supplies. Finally, the predictions of the proposed dynamic and steady state models are examined and compared with experimental results available in dedicated literature. The discussion of the results demonstrates the accuracy and effectiveness of the obtained models for large range of switching frequency and load conditions.

February 5, 2024