Study and Simulation of A Hybrid System Composed of Solar Panels and Fuel Cells


REZAIGUIA Mohammed Djihad
Electrical Engineering Department, Mines Lab, Larbi Tebessi university, Algeria
Electrical Engineering Department, Mines Lab, Badji Mokhtar University
DIB Djalel
Electrical Engineering Department, Mines Lab, Larbi Tebessi university


In this scientific investigation, we focused on examining a hybrid system comprising a photovoltaic generator and a fuel cell, which collectively supply electricity to isolated sites. These systems offer several advantages, including economic viability, reduced environmental impact compared to conventional gas turbines and internal combustion engines, and decreased reliance on fossil fuels. The main objective of this study was to design a hydrogen PVFC hybrid system that would efficiently operate under varying conditions. To achieve our research goals, we carefully selected and analyzed each component of the system to ensure optimal performance of the entire system. The study used MATLAB/Simulink, incorporating converters to simulate and evaluate the system's behavior.

February 5, 2024