Monitoring of Flexible Barrier for Slope Safety Against Potential Rockfall using IoT Sensors


Amain Engineering Development Ltd., Hong Kong
Ringo SZE W. H
Amain Engineering Development Ltd., Hong Kong
Mike FUNG S. H
Hong Kong RFID Limited, Hong Kong
Simon NG P. H
Mannings (Asia) Consultants Ltd., Hong Kong
Frankie YEUNG H. W
Mannings (Asia) Consultants Ltd., Hong Kong


Flexible barrier is one of the widely used geotechnical features to mitigate/minimize open hillslope landslide (OHL) hazards affecting roads/existing development for natural terrain. While routine maintenance of flexible barrier may identify early signs of minor rockfall/landslide through visual inspection of any accumulation of rock/soil at toe, the actual happening of such event and/or the duration cannot be assessed/determined which may cause time lag for any necessary follow-up actions. This can be overcome through the fixing of IoT sensors to flexible barrier posts with a non-destructive metal "mounting clamp" to measure the movement with data then transfer to a cloud platform for analytical process. Data is presented in an easy-to-understand heat map format showing the movement patterns of the entire flexible barrier system. This method helps to detect any large movements of the barriers. In time, through learning the movement patterns especially during adverse weather conditions, can provide valuable reference to Geotechnical/Civil engineers. The use of smart technology in this manner represents a significant advancement in supervision and monitoring techniques for flexible barrier.

December 30, 2023
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