Unconventional Excavation and Lateral Support System near Seashore in Lamma Power Station Extension


K.T. Hung
The Hongkong Electric Company Limited
John Lai
The Hongkong Electric Company Limited
Michael W.L. Ng
AECOM Asia Company Limited


Nowadays in Hong Kong, the maritime construction is becoming more common for the infrastructure projects especially on the increasing demand of the land use for those residential and housing supply. Those civil infrastructure works would normally be completed in reclamation projects prior to the land grant to a private developer. For the developments under private and quasi-government sectors, the projects are required to execute under the land lease allocated conditions and controlled under Buildings Ordinance CAP123. The nature of this project in Lamma Power Station Extension (LMX) contains both characteristics in buildings and infrastructures, including reclamation and seawall construction. Under this circumstance, the excavation and lateral support would have considered the merits between both requirements and advancing to an out of conventional land construction method. The subjected site is situated at the southern-east of the LMX reclaimed platform facing to the incipient Lamma Island. The project required to construct a No. 5 C.W. Intake adjacent to the existing seawall. Under a fast-track programme, an Excavation and Lateral Support (ELS) system with submerged excavation was adopted for tow-in of the precast caisson chamber. This paper summaries the key features for the design and construction of the ELS for the project.

December 30, 2023
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