A Complete Digital Solution to Site Formation, ELS System and Foundations Design


Keith Leung
AECOM Asia Company Limited
Simon Lam
AECOM Asia Company Limited
Derek So
AECOM Asia Company Limited
Jasper Lee
AECOM Asia Company Limited
Allen Tao
AECOM Asia Company Limited
Ryan Yan
AECOM Asia Company Limited


Conventionally, geotechnical designs are carried out on a few representative critical sections. It is probably due to its simplicity as everything is kept in the two-dimensional manner. On the one hand, this approach has been proven to be satisfactory from engineering performance perspective. On the other hand, this approach might have hindered a cost-saving design optimisation. With the increasing computational power as well as growing trend to embrace digital transformation, BIM adoption and design automation, more digital solutions/tools are available in the market. This has opened the gate for a holistic review for design optimisation. This paper presents some more efficient digital solutions applicable to common geotechnical designs with the help of a few design examples as demonstration. The information flow from planning, design, engineering analysis and drawings preparation is discussed. In particular, the authors focus on how issues of compatibility and interoperability among various digital solutions, which has long been an obstacle for seamless and efficient design workflow, could be resolved.

December 30, 2023
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