Extraction Methods Comparison in Determine Deer DNA


Nooratiny Ishak
Halal Analysis Division, Industry and Custom Tariff Analysis Centre, Department of Chemistry


The rapid development of food technology is a major challenge to DNA technology where DNA technology must be in line with current developments in the meat-based food technology industry to detect any fraud that occurs. The study to detect fraud in food products starts with the extraction process, where the DNA extraction process is the most critical process because it has a great impact on the extraction results and subsequent test methods. Therefore, this study aims to describe and compare the most commonly used extraction methods for Deer DNA detection. In this study, two (2) different extraction methods, the Epicenter MasterPureTM Complete DNA Purification Kit and the DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kit were examined to determine their relative effectiveness for extracting DNA from deer samples. Deer meat samples were taken from Village Dusun and Batas Ubi Rusa Farm located in Kedah, North Malaysia. The results show that the DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kit provides good DNA quality resulting in 95% maximum deer species identification compared to Epicenter's MasterPureTM Complete DNA Purification Kit, where the maximum deer species identification is below 95%. Therefore, this method is proposed as an alternative method for the isolation of DNA from meat and meat by-products.

August 22, 2023