Phosphate in Morocco and Sustainability: Issues and Discourse


Imad-Eddine Cheddad
Institut National d’Aménagement et d’Urbanisme, Morocco


Morocco is a "phosphate" country par excellence in terms of reserves as well as in terms of production and industrial engineering. Due to its major geopolitical and socio-economic weight, the phosphate mining activity proves to have a negative impact on the environment (in its broadest dimension). It is from this observation that the notion of "sustainability" arises as a new paradigm adopted by the OCP group (world leader) holding the monopoly of the exploitation of this mineral in Morocco. How, then, is the challenge of sustainability presented in the overall strategy of this company? What interactions between this orientation and the local society? What effects are produced on the ecosystems of Moroccan phosphate cities? Through an empirical study that has lasted since 2015, we will try to provide some answers through the analysis of the material available to us while being part of both the theory of complexity (Edgar MORIN) and methodological anarchism (Paul FEYERABEND).

November 9, 2022