Perception of the Populations of the Urban Commune of Kouroussa on the Effects of Artisanal Gold Mining


Daouda Kourouma
Université de Kindia, Republic of Guinea


Around the world, artisanal gold mining is a fundamental factor in the economic and social development of countries. But, today, it is the cause of serious damage to the environment and to the social life of the populations living near the gold panning sites. In Guinea, particularly in the urban commune of Kouroussa (CUK), artisanal miners are currently neglecting their environmental and social responsibilities. It is to better understand this situation that this analytical study entitled " Perception of the populations of the urban commune of Kouroussa on the effects of artisanal gold mining” was initiated. The objectives pursued are: To analyze the socio-ecological effects of artisanal gold mining on the lives of the populations, to analyze the perceptions of the populations on the socio-ecological effects of artisanal gold mining and to evaluate the effects socio-ecological negatives of gold panning in the CUK. The survey method with semi-structured interview techniques, focus group and participant observation enabled us to achieve our objectives. This study highlights a very high proportion of negative socio-ecological effects gold panning in the CUK with 64% . This allowed us to understand that this activity has generated a very profound change in the behavior of the populations (insecurity, land disputes, juvenile delinquency) and has caused the degradation of the environment (soil, vegetation, water and air pollution). 'air). The innovative aspect of this research is that the current socio-ecological effects of this activity have been analyzed in a systemic approach. However, it is not without limits. This work did not address the health aspect and the inventory of plant species in the CUK.

November 9, 2022