Chapter 14: The Role of Culinary in Development of Tourism in Rajasthan


Akanksha Sengupta
Shri Shikshayatan College, Kolkata


This Chapter explains the importance of cuisine in developing gastronomy tourism. India being a diversified country in terms of culture and tradition; At a distance of every hundred kilometers, the language, the staple diet, the attire etc changes. Indian cuisine has been inspired by a 5000-year history of various groups and cultures interrelated with the subcontinent, contributing to the abundance of flavors and regional cuisines found in modern India. Indian cuisine is expected to please all spice lovers around the world as India mixes most of the spices. Thus, Rajasthan, the hub of foreign tourist arrival has the most abundant potential to create and sustain culinary tourism at par with its heritage tourism. In terms of engaging in the awareness of the heritage, visitors visiting a specific cultural destination seek to increase their cultural experience mainly by culinary means. In this regard, in the analysis of tourist destinations, particularly those related to culture and heritage, culinary and its connection with tourism has become a crucial element. Thus, nowadays every state tourism has started to promote their local cuisine in order to serve tourists a local culture experience. This ongoing development of culinary tourism is the most amazing and if developed properly can be the biggest revenue earning product among the other types of tourism.

August 8, 2022