Chapter 11: Potential in Culinary Tourism: A critical Review


Amity University, Rajasthan
Yashwant Singh Rawal
Parul Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat


The World is known more like before, after the Covid. The perspective of doing everything has changed except the zeal to carry on and being unstoppable. Last 2 years took people to move from fear to fight and get freedom back. Tourism was the worst hit industry during Covid. Virtual means helped people to deal with various other form of tourism, diplomatic tourism but Culinary Tourism’s purpose to make the taste buds alive cannot be done online. In this regard, this paper is trying to analyses the protection related to Culinary Tourism and find out the project trajectory of the Culinary Tourism. As the World has wings now and people not only wants to make their stomach happy but also curious to know the spices, fruits, cereals etc., what they are using comes from where and this curiosity motivates them to travel from Europe to the spice farms of Kerala (India) and so on. This chapter tries to minutely observe culinary ingredients origin, their various dish making, promotion and marketing, various innovation, and recognition practices to make the Culinary Tourism more advanced and popular than ever before.

August 8, 2022