Chapter 10: Opportunity of Heritage Walk as a Tourism Product in Jaipur


Meera Mathur
Department of Tourism & Hotel Management (MLSU), Udaipur
Abhinav Pipliwal
DIMS Institute of Hotel Management, Ahmedabad
Ayush Tahailyani
Airline and Hotel Management Academy, Kota
Chetan Vilas Patil
DIMS Institute of Hotel Management, Ahmedabad


According to UNESCO World Heritage sites, India comes under top 10 in terms of heritage sites Forts like kumbalgarh fort, Amber fort, Jaisalmer fort, Ranthambore fort, Gagron fort, Chittorgarh fort were declared as UNESCO world heritage sites. This chapter aimed to know the tendency of tourists toward heritage and cultural sites who visit jaipur. In India Rajasthan (Jaipur) plays a vital role in terms of culture, heritage, arts, scienic view and so on. Heritage tourism boost maximum revenue in Rajasthan compare to other forms of tourism. Heritage & culture tourism attracts tourists and generates revenue for the city and also generates local employment. Government of India also plays a vital role in protecting and maintaining these heritage & culture sites like forts, mahal, museum, lake, temples, galleries etc. for future age groups. Apart from this Rajasthan state comes under top 5 in India in terms of foreign tourists. If we talk about Jaipur city then Jaipur is a paradise and is the soul of Indian culture. Blending of old and present, serene welcoming and warm hospitality of Jaipur is the beating heart of Jaipur tourism. Heritage walk as a tourism product in Jaipur definitely has many scope for attracting tourists, generating revenue and uplifting local employment.

August 8, 2022