Chapter 8: Social Media: Marketing Strategies in Hospitality Industry


Sagar Bhatt
Graphic Era Deemed to be University
Rakesh Dani
Department of Hospitality Management, Graphic Era Deemed to be University, Dehradun (U.K)


Communication, the process of by which people can get information through sending and receiving messages, it is crucial for understanding and providing knowledge to people. It helps to people to understand and venerate their environment and facilitate relationships between and among listener and speaker. In the revolutionary phase of social media there are a lot of modes by which customer can get to know about the catering establishments facilities and feedback as well as the review and suggestions. It helps to them about the make a mind set about the services which is provided by the hotels. Social media application help to assist the management about the need and demand of their valuable customers as well as it help to guests to update their self about the latest trends and events.

August 8, 2022