Chapter 4: Critical Review on Role of Standardization in Growth of Tourism and Hospitality Industry in India Ricky Gupta, Soyal Khan Mansuri


Ricky Gupta
Vivekanand Global University
Soyal Khan Mansuri
Vivekanand Global University


The hospitality industry and the tourism industry go hand in hand and have contributed reasonably to the Gross Domestic Produce around the globe. This study focuses on if the standardization is responsible for growth in Hospitality and if yes then what aspects of standardization have actually helped in the growth of Hospitality. The findings being standardization has the ability to be used as a tool to bring about more uniformity, eradicate the ambiguity and promote clarity. It also states the chronological order of each step within a process may it be in production line or service or when performing guest-oriented activities. It helps in boosting morale as those employees who abide by the given set of standards usually master the activity that they are performing which promotes confidence and boosts morale. Also, standardization helps in giving written evidence of rules due to which an action is performed in a particular way in case there is any objection related to actions of the employee while performing the task. Application of standards help in promoting productivity by giving a number to each and every thing like the units that can be produced in given amount of time, average time taken to perform certain task, etc. These all aspect direct towards customer satisfaction and customer retention as the atmosphere at a well-managed place is always better than an unorganized place. Also, the customer will always want to receive the same level of services or product that has already satisfied him in the past. However, after studying various aspects that affect, it is suggested that some liberties and veto power to few yet relevant members of organization should also be given so as to deliver excellence by going beyond the limits and also when there is a need to take a decision when the situation is adverse and due to the loopholes in standards, solution to it is not there in the pre-defined rules. The conclusion being, yes, up to an extent, the process of standardization can help and boost the growth in the industry of hospitality which is due to the underlying benefits that help in smooth functioning that in return helps to nurture growth.

August 8, 2022