Chapter 3: Adoption of Eco-friendly Practices by Hotels in Dehradun District, Uttarakhand


Sonam Kapoor Semwal
Graphic Era Deemed to be University
Rakesh Dani
Department of Hospitality Management, Graphic Era Deemed to be University, Dehradun (U.K)


Tourism industry is one of the leading industries, bringing in millions of tourists nationally, internationally through the years, has created an increasing amount of stress on the environment. This problem is very common in the areas where tourism runs into the limits of natural resources. Thus, looking into the scenario today Eco-friendly Practices are growing rapidly to harmonize tourism & environmental sustainability.  The Hospitality Industry has realized their business activities impact on the environment & has taken actions to reduce those impacts. Hotel that incorporates these Eco-friendly Practices are more environment friendly with the efficient use of energy, water & materials while providing quality services. Eco Friendly Hotels conserve & preserve the resources by saving water, reducing energy use, & reducing solid waste. As Dehradun District is popular & most preferred tourist destination, there is a concern of heavy negative impact on environment from the tourism related activities. Thus, there is a need to promote the Eco-friendly Practices in the Hospitality Business which saves money, the aim of being an Eco-friendly Hotel is to reduce the negative impacts on the environment both by reducing the consumption of resources & by changing the practices so that the waste produced can be used or recycled. The objective of this chapter is to find that how many Hotels of Dehradun District are adopting & showing a very positive interest in incorporating the concept of Eco-friendly Practices in their operations.

August 8, 2022