An Investigation into the Factors Affecting Vietnamese Students' Smartphone Purchase Decisions


Nguyen Ngọc Uyen My
Faculty of Foreign Languages, Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry


In Vietnam nowadays, the phone is a vital and necessary device for students. This is due to smartphones' excellent capabilities, which serve to link people all over the world while also being helpful tools for students, such as the internet, taking photos, maps, payments, etc. According to research, students' smartphone purchases are influenced by elements such as hardware sector, software, technology, brand, money, and certain fundamental aspects. As a result, technology has had a significant impact on today's pupils as a result of these elements. Recognizing these trends, manufacturers are progressively launching improved items to deliver services to the younger generation. Smartphones are now compared to an online encyclopedia, allowing students to serve their studies and readily obtain the information they are looking for. According to this background, the purpose of this research is to discover Vietnamese students' behaviors in smartphone purchase decisions, specifically the factors and tendencies that have the most influence on their decisions. This study's procedures include not just conducting a poll with a series of questions but also examining secondary sources to determine the outcome of this investigation. The analysis will also be valuable for telecom executives and phone makers in understanding smartphone reactions and sales tactics. As a result, it will expand customer areas.

June 19, 2022
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