Survey of Vietnamese Students' Mistakes When Using Quantities in Chinese


Le Thi Hong Nga
Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Language and Information Technology


The article comes from the writer's actual teaching experience. Through experience, homeworks, and tests, the writer realizes that mistakes in beginners in the early stages (1-2 year) are usually influenced by the mother tongue while mistakes of a person in years 3-4 often arise due to confusion between one formula and another. In this article, we apply mistake analysis and "intermediate language" reasoning to make statistics and classify and analyze the causes of students' mistakes, hoping to help learners to overcome the difficult points in the expression of multiples increased by N times in Chinese. On the other hand, we can provide for the teaching and learning of Chinese by Vietnamese people as well as the teaching and learning of Vietnamese by the fact that the Chinese people have some useful materials.

June 19, 2022
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