Conjunctional Means in “Husbandless Wharf” of Author Duong Huong


Lanh Dang Thi
Department of Literature and History, Da Lat University, Vietnam


In any discourse, cohesion is considered as the most fundamental characteristics because discourse is not a simple addition of sentences. Sentences in the discourse are cohesion by determinable procedures and means. Any discourse has more than a cohesion method procedure and crisscross among cohesion procedures. For examples: using conjunction and iteration increases accuracy, clearness, closeness; using substitution and ellipsis compresses expression to avoid repeating vocabulary ect... in order to create emotion and determinable values. This article will find out the the method of cohesion words in the novel “Husbandless Wharf” of Duong Huong to point out the role of this association in making accuracy and clearness in sentences as well as in maintaining and developing content of the discourse. Simultaneously the writer also shows his way of selecting and using word out that his selecting and using the word are skilful and artistic.

June 19, 2022
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