How to Make a Virtual Classroom More Interactive


Nguyen Thi Minh Ngoc
Department of Foreign Languages, UEH University, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Blended teaching and online learning have recently been implemented at UEH University. The majority of students, on the other hand, appear to be reluctant to online instruction. The goal of the study is to enhance students’ interaction in online classes. The theory of increasing online teaching interactivity has been applied in the research, which includes interactions between students and the course content, interactions between teachers and students, and interactions among students. The research took place over two semesters and lasted 120 hours, involving 70 participants.

After the students complete one unit of the syllabus, each group is assigned to do a team project or make a presentation online. The research data is gathered through observations by the teacher and a questionnaire designed to assess the quality of the online course. The findings demonstrate that working on projects can improve the students’ interaction and communication. Through group work, students participate in collaborative learning during the course. These interactions can boost students' online learning motivation and efficiency; therefore, they can help them improve their performance. It is suggested that the value of interaction should be emphasized in the online setting.

June 19, 2022
Online ISSN