EFL Students’ Motivation in English learning and Self-regulated Language Learning Habits: A Study at Hanoi Law University


Dong Hoang Minh
Faculty of Legal Foreign Languages, Hanoi Law University, Hanoi, Vietnam


Motivation and Self-Regulated Learning are two fundamental components that have consistently been found to account for learning achievement. Few studies have identified the assumed relationships between learner motivation and self-regulation in English language study. This study aims to investigate motivation in English learning as well as self-regulated language learning habits among EFL students from different majors of study at Hanoi Law University, and make some suggestions to improve students’ learning motivation and SRLLB. A total of 138 EFL junior and senior students from five majors at Hanoi Law University took part in the study. The research utilized an online questionnaire with sufficient reliability to gather data. The valid responses collected were analyzed to achieve the desired aims. The results indicated that the surveyed students had more intrinsic motivation than extrinsic motivation, showing that they had high self-efficacy and most of them were positively motivated and promoted to regulate English learning behaviors. In addition, some significant conclusions have been drawn from the research.

June 19, 2022
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