An Investigation on Hindrance Factors to the Effectiveness of Song Deployment in Hufi Pronunciation Class


Nguyen Thi Mai Huong
Faculty of Foreign Languages, Hochiminh University of Food Industry – Vietnam


Pronunciation, undeniably, an integral part of the language teaching and learning process. Bad pronunciation may cause misunderstanding or in the worst case a communication breakdown. On the other hand, correct pronunciation helps to keep the conversation go on smoothly. Additionally, it can leave a good impression on the listeners. Being aware of its vital role in English learners’ speaking competence, researchers and teachers have paid considerable attention to it. However, it still remains a big challenge in classrooms. The author believes that English songs would help address this problem greatly. Therefore, in this paper, she would like to examine problems associated with the deployment of English songs in pronunciation classes with an aim to find ways to make most of it. The findings have pointed out a short of time, an intensive syllabus, multi – level classes, big class size, a lack of formal training for teacher, a mismatch between teachers and students’ perception of interesting songs, poorly – designed tasks have reduced the benefits of the use of music in her research contexts. Therefore, a number of suggestions have been made to deal with them including: a creation of a song collection for pronunciation learning and teaching with the participation of students, an extended course for pronunciation and an introduction of a training course for teachers. Because of limited time and scope of this study, her research will based on the review and analysis of related literature, her students’ characteristics and her own working setting – Hochiminh University of Food Industry and an informal discussion with her teaching mates. Nontherless, the findings will certainly benefits learners, educators and language institutions in similar contexts.

June 19, 2022
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