A Comparative Study Between Offline and Online Listening Classes of Major - Students in Hufi


Hanh Vy Le
Department of English, Ho Chi Minh City of Food Industry, Vietnam


Listening skill has always been one of the most challenging and the most central to English language learning since without mastering this skill, students will find it hard to understand or communicate well in English. When the Covid 19 began its global rampage in the early year 2019, online learning has got its spotlight ever since. All sudden, not only lecturers but students have to face with the whole new level of learning and teaching: “put everything online”. For that reason, listening class must be conducted online and both students and lectures have no other choices to accept and get used to this new kind of class. The main subject of this study is the second-year students in an English major class. Forty students served as participants in this study. The study focuses on finding out student’s thought of effectiveness of offline and online classes and their perception about these two types of classes. The students will answer a Google Form Online. Hopefully, through this study, not only lectures but also teachers of all ages may understand thoroughly online teaching so that schools, universities, and other educational institutions can be more confidently in using teaching online to make education more diverse and improve the experience of, and outcomes for, students.

June 19, 2022
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