Chapter 3: Analysis and Findings of Social Media Usage among Nursing Students


Huda Alamri
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Coventry University, England


This chapter will provide the results of each study's analysis as well as the overall findings. This systematised literature review included eight papers conducted in four different countries: Australia, the UK, Jordan and Nigeria. Participants in these studies were undergraduate nursing students. Different appraisal tools, such as the CASP, the JBI, and the MMAT, were employed to ensure that the articles were valid and reliable. There were eight themes identified as a consequence of the synthesis of quantitative, mixed, and qualitative data; as follows: (1) knowledge (2) An assistance tool for the educational and learning process (3) Stress management (4) Confidence (5) Assessment and exam preparation assistance (6) Communication (7) Engagement (8) Convenient access.

Huda Thesis Monograph
July 1, 2022