Chapter 2: Methodology for the Social Media Usage Analysis


Huda Alamri
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Coventry University, England


Nursing education has undergone enormous upheaval as a result of changes in the way nursing is given, as was briefly summarised in the prior chapter. There was also an explanation of how technology in nursing education may be used to produce tools like SM, and the importance of knowing how SM impacts the learning of undergraduate students. This chapter will in include an explanation of the chosen methodology, where this review employed the “pragmatism” epistemology approach in order to answer the review question. PRISMA flowchart has been created to show the full process. Additionally, in the search strategies, two methods were used to find the data needed to answer the research question, the first search strategy was the back-chaining approach, and the second search strategy is conducted through different databases. Finally, ethics and rigour were also parts of this chapter.

Huda Thesis Monograph
July 1, 2022