Chapter 1: Introduction to Social Media in Nursing Education


Huda Alamri
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Coventry University, England


This chapter included the literature review, objectives, aim, and research question. The knowledge gap has been identified by reviewing the previous literature. Hence, this suggested mixed systematised review will study the literature in depth to critically analyse empirical evidence on the efficiency of SM as a learning tool for undergraduate nursing students. In order to see whether online technology can help with learning and other elements of nursing students at the undergraduate level, social media platforms are being explored. Three objectives have been identified for this study as follows: (1) to examine the ability of social media to influence nursing student’s learning and the expected learning outcomes from using it. (2) to examine the various effects of social media, both positive and negative. (3) to gain an understanding of the social media platforms that are being used in nursing education programmes. This study aimed to bring together the most recent studies that have been conducted on the use of SM in nursing education, in sequence to establish a body of evidence supporting the use of these technologies in this setting. It will look for knowledge gaps and then provide recommendations on is: What are the potential impacts of different social media platforms on undergraduate students in nursing education?

Huda Thesis Monograph
July 1, 2022