Effectiveness of Cross-Walls in Reducing Wall Deflections in Deep Excavations


L. W. Wong
Formerly Moh and Associates, Inc., Taipei
R. N. Hwang
Moh and Associates, Inc., Taipei


Three cross-walls were installed to brace the diaphragm walls prior to excavation for a cross-over tunnel of the Taipei Metro in front of the South Gate of the old Taipei City and has now been a National Heritage. The tunnel had the maximum excavation depth of 20.1 m. Three-dimensional finite element analyses have been performed to evaluate the effectiveness and the influence of the cross-walls in reducing the wall deflections. The nonlinear Hardening-Soil model has been adopted in the analyses. The results of the analyses indicate that the maximum wall deflections are much reduced as a result and the effectiveness of cross-walls is thus proved.

April 9, 2022
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