Reinforced Earth Wall - A Sustainable Alternative to a Piled Vehicular Abutment Ramp


Reinforced Earth Pacific Limited
Norman M. H. LEE
Reinforced Earth Pacific Limited
Gavin S. H. TOH
Lambeth Associates Limited
Sai Shun TO
Lambeth Associates Limited
Kim C. H. KWAN
Meinhardt (C&S) Limited


A vehicular ramp was proposed to replace the existing elevated road (which has been planned for future demolition) connecting to existing podium deck of the Building for vehicular circulation.In the original design, socket H-piles with pile cap and reinforced concrete wall would be constructed as the abutment for supporting the replacement ramp in form of steel girders. In order to minimize the construction time and to fit in the tight construction schedule, a Reinforced Earth Wall was proposed as an alternative. This Reinforced Earth Wall was designed as a true abutment with no piling required and the steel girder was supported by a reinforced concrete seating which was located directly on the backfill of the Reinforced Earth Wall. 

April 9, 2022
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