Use of Slurry and CSM Wall for Excavation and Lateral Support Works


Kenny Hung
Intrafor Hong Kong Ltd., Hong Kong
Leo Lee
Intrafor Hong Kong Ltd., Hong Kong
Victor Li
Victor Li & Associates Ltd, Hong Kong


Steel beams embedded in soil cement columns or soil cement panels can be used for construction of embedded walls for excavation and lateral support works. The soil cement columns can be formed using the secant pile method or deep cement mixing while soil cement panels can be constructed using cutter soil mixing (CSM). Steel beam walls formed by CSM are called the CSM wall. Another method for forming a soil cement panel is by using the method for construction of diaphragm wall and such walls are known as slurry wall.  In this paper, the design concepts and construction procedures of steel beam walls are discussed. Case histories of slurry walls and CSM walls are also presented to illustrate the use of steel beam walls in supporting deep excavations in Hong Kong.

April 9, 2022
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