Application of BIM in Deep Excavation Projects


H. C. Hung
Moh and Associates, Inc., Taipei
Y. Y. Liu
Moh and Associates, Inc., Taipei
J. F. Chang
Moh and Associates, Inc., Taipei
C. R. Chou
Moh and Associates, Inc., Taipei


This paper presents a Taipei MRT project as an example to illustrate the process and benefit of using BIM in a deep excavation case. The BIM concepts that are being used in this project include, (1) transforming and integrating soil boring information and soil profiles data into a comprehensive 3D models, (2) establishing 3D BIM for excavation and its strutting system, (3) detecting conflicts between interfaces, such as support and hoist systems, and creating a 4D construction simulation model by integrating construction schedule into the original 3D BIM model, and (4) creating and displaying the structure model, design and construction drawings, and quantity calculation sheets with the support of other compatible software. BIM is expected to bring a more direct and visual display and presentation of information for construction progress, and to make construction control and management simpler and more efficient. The project in the paper could be a reference for other geotechnical design and construction cases.

April 9, 2022
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