Digital Twin for Geotechnical Engineering Applications


I. S. Haryono
Golder Associates (HK) Ltd., Hong Kong
A. L. Saw
Golder Associates (HK) Ltd., Hong Kong
S. W. Lee
Golder Associates (HK) Ltd., Hong Kong
Lewis C.K. Wong
Atkins China Ltd., Hong Kong


Engineers have been motivated to push boundaries and find better tools for a more efficient design process and innovative solutions in construction industry. Digital engineering is the synergistic application of electronic and software technologies. The ultimate goal is to produce digital twins which are digital replicas of real and potential physical assets. With the rise of Building Information Modelling (BIM), digital twin in geotechnical engineering focuses more on the data management. However, the inherent information in digital models can be further exploited for optimizing engineering works. In this paper, this process is illustrated from the viewpoint of geotechnical works. Examples on the use of digital twin to design complex deep excavation and earthwork projects in difficult ground conditions are presented. The geotechnical design process was streamlined and the estimated time saving was up to 50% compared with a traditional design method relying on 2D cross sections.

April 9, 2022
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