Engineering Geological Ground Models: Industry Applications for Geotechnical Investigation Planning, Data Acquisition & Appraisal


A.N. Al-Nuaimi
Fugro (Hong Kong) Limited
J. Cunningham
Fugro (Hong Kong) Limited
H.L.K. Fu
Fugro (Hong Kong) Limited
G. Li
Fugro (Hong Kong) Limited
K.A. Styles
Fugro (Hong Kong) Limited
C. Garcia
Fugro, Philippines
C.K. Loh
San Miguel Aerocity, Inc.
C.M. Warnest
San Miguel Aerocity, Inc.


Adoption of an engineering geological ground model (EGGM) prior to ground investigation, as a conceptual site characterisation approach, empowers users with the capacity to predict subsurface data trends, test assumptions, refine geotechnical inputs and better manage ongoing ground investigations. This approach informs the planning of ground investigation (GI) locations, in-situ testing, and non-intrusive surveys to ensure high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective data yield. This theme is explored using a case study at Manila Bay, in the Philippines, where a ground model was developed for planning and execution of site investigations and to add-value to site characterisation and geotechnical appraisal for nearshore site formation.

April 9, 2022
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