First Principal Study of Physical Properties of Rare Earth Based Heusler Compounds X2RuPb (X= Sc, Y and La)


Asmaa Bahlouli
Physical engineering department, University of sciences and technology of Oran, Algeria
Mokhtar Elchikh
Department of engineering physics, University of Science and Technology of Oran -USTO- Mohamed Boudiaf, Algeria


Heusler compounds are a class of ternary intermetallics, including full Heusler X2YZ with L2 structure, Inverse Heusler with XA structure and Half Heusler XYZ with C1b structure. The remarkable material class comprises a vast collection of more than 1000 compounds with interesting properties and applications in spintronics, quantum information and many other fields. In this work we study the structural, elastic and electronic properties of rare earth based Heusler compounds X2RuPb while X= Sc, Y and La.

March 8, 2022