Study the Structural Properties of WO3:Fe Thin Films Elaborated by Spray Pyrolysis Technique at 450 °C


Elaid Ouadah
Laboratory of Micro and Nanophysics (LaMiN), National Polytechnic School of Oran (ENPO) Maurice AUDIN, BP 1523
Nasr-Eddine Hamdadou
Laboratory of Micro and Nanophysics (LaMiN), NOartiaonn, al Polytechnic School of Oran (ENPO) Maurice AUDIN, BP ADlgeepriaar
Abdelkader Ammari
Department of Physics, Faculty of Material Science, Ibn-Khaldoun University, Tiaret, Algeria


In this work, we have deposited Fe-doped WO3 thin films using the reactive chemical spray in liquid phase technique (spray pyrolysis) from an aqueous solution based on ammonium tungstate (NH4)10H2(W2O7)6 at a concentration of 0.005M on glass substrates heated to a fixed temperature of 350°C. The obtained thin films were heat- treated at 450 °C for 4 hours. Our objective is to study the influence of doping on the morphological and structural properties of these films. The latter have been analyzed by the Dektak XT profilometer and the grazing incidence X-ray diffraction (GIXRD) respectively. Dektak XT analysis revealed that the WO3:Fe thin film thickness varies between 2362 nm at 3123 nm and increasing in doping can improve the quality of the surface.

March 8, 2022