DCF Method for Dispersion Compensation in Optical Fiber Link for Long Haul Communication


Saliha Kheris
Department of Electronics / Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Djillali Liabès, Sidi Bel Abbès
Badra Bouabdallah
Department of Materialsand Sustainable development/ Faculty of Exact Sciences. University of Djillali Liabès, Sidi Bel Abbès Sidi Bel Abbès


To improve the overall performance of the high speed transmission system, and reduce losses as much as possible, several dispersion compensation techniques are used. In this article, we proposed a model of the compensation schemes which performed according to the position of the DCF. In pre-compensation, the DCF is placed before the SMF. In post-compensation, the DCF is placed after the SMF. In symmetrical (pre-post), that is to say that the DCF is placed before and after SMF, with bit rates 10 Gbit /s having SMF of length 100km and DCF of length 21.25 km. The performances have been compared on the basis of parameters such as Q factor and bit error rate (BER). All the simulation work is done with the help of Optisystem Software version 7.0. It is concluded from the results that the symmetrical compensation technique shows performs better than pre and post compensation technique in the system for long haul.

March 8, 2022