Mechanical and Anisotropy Properties of SrCdPt Compound under Pressure


Abla Guechi
Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Laboratory of Optoelectronics and Components Setif-1 University, 19000, Setif
Mohamed Chegaar
Laboratory of Optoelectronics and Components, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Setif-1 University, 19000, Setif


The first principle calculations are performed to investigate the mechanical and anisotropy properties under the pressure of intermetallic compound SrCdPt by using density functional theory (DFT) through the PBEsol-GGA scheme. Our calculations for the elastic constants support the required stability conditions of the SrCdPt compound over the pressure range of 0 GPa to 100 GPa. The study of the shear modulus, bulk modulus, Cauchy pressure, Poisson’s ratio, Pugh’s ratio, and the hardness reveals that this compound is hard. Furthermore, the anisotropy properties of SrCdPt were visually illustrated and discussed by analyzing the anisotropy indexes (A1, AU, A3) and directional young’s modulus, which suggesting that SrCdPt is a relatively anisotropic material and strongly pressure dependent. Additionally, the SrCdPt compound can be regarded as a candidate of incompressible and hard material. Furthermore, the Debye temperatures are also discussed by investigating the elastic constants and moduli.

March 8, 2022