Effect of the Substrate on the Structural Properties of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films Synthesized by Electrodeposition


Loumafak Hafaifa
Department of Physics/Ziane Achour University, Algeria
Fatiha Daoudi
Materials Science and Informatics Laboratory/Ziane Achour University, Algeria
Radia Boudaira
Department of Physics / Mentouri University, Algeria
Omar Meglali
Materials Science and Informatics Laboratory/ Ziane Achour University, Faculty of Sciences / Mohamed Boudiaf University
Assia Bouraiou
Materials Science and Informatics Laboratory/ Ziane Achour University, Algeria


The quaternary compound Cu2ZnSnS4 semiconductor have gained much attention in recent years due to its promising optical properties1. Moreover, low cost, cheap, earth-abundant as well as non-toxicity of its elements1,2. In addition, this semiconductor is considered as one of the potential absorber materials for the next-generation solar cells3. The aim of the present work is to deposit the CZTS thin films on the ITO and the FTO substrates by the one-step electrodeposition method followed by the sulphurization. The influence of the ITO and FTO on structural properties of the elaborated CZTS film was then investigated.

March 8, 2022