Application of Digital Platform to Enhance Quality Improvement in Momcare Facilities in Manyara


Anunsiatha Mrema
PharmAccess Foundation


Introduction. Improving the quality-of-service delivery is recommended by the WHO as an approach that can accelerate the reduction in institutional maternal and neonatal mortality. In recognition of this fact, PharmAccess, in collaboration with Manyara regional authorities, has been implementing the SafeCare quality improvement (QI) methodology as part of its MomCare® project that aims to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes. One of the implementation challenges in QI is how to motivate attitude change to staff to engage in QI routinely. As an intervention, a mobile-based interactive platform has been designed and piloted in ten (10) facilities to stimulate staff to engage in QI.

Methodology. An interactive, mobile technology-based Quality Platform (QP) enables staff to access their QI plans online and record the progress of implementation. The platform allows managers to monitor QI progress, incentivize and benchmark performance. Additionally, access the online library as a "how-to" QI resource. The QP has been piloted in 10 facilities. Facility staff and managers were trained on the use of the QP and afterward received technical support remotely. Monitoring was made on frequency of logging to the tool, accomplished activities, and progress made in QI and feedback provided to each participant

Results Preliminary findings show that (80%), facilities used the QP and recorded implementation of QI activities and used the online resource for QI. Only one facility managed to implement 100% of the targeted activities verified by evidence of photos uploaded on the QP. (20%) of the facility could not work to use the platform as trained staff were transferred. Managers were able to monitor QP use and provide support on a real-time basis.

Conclusion: Though the duration of implementation of the QP has been short; it has shown promising results as an enabler for QI at the facility level.

July 24, 2021