Task Scheduling Algorithms for Cloud Computing: A Critical Review and Open Research Challenges


Gagandeep Kaur
Faculty of Computational Sciences GNA University Phagwara, India
Anurag Sharma
GNA University Phagwara, India.


Cloud computing is the most preferred platform to access resources remotely. The benefit of cloud computing over traditional computing techniques is that it provides on-demand services and serves millions of users at the same time. However, scheduling the tasks of users is quite crucial in cloud computing. To overcome this challenge, various task scheduling algorithms have been designed for cloud computing. In this paper, we have done a critical review of various traditional and metaheuristic algorithms based on task scheduling algorithms. The critical review shows that the metaheuristic algorithms are better than traditional algorithms to find the optimal scheduling of the task. Besides that, based on the study, we have defined the open research challenges of the metaheuristic algorithms that help other authors to contribute their research in this field.

September 22, 2021
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