Classification Comparative Analysis for Detection of Brain Tumor Using Neural Network, Logistic Regression & KNN Classifier with VGG19 Convolution Neural Network Feature Extraction


Vijaya Kamble
Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI) Matunga Mumbai Maharashtra
Rohin Daruwala
Department of Electronics Engineering Mumbai, Maharashtra


In recent years due to advancements in digital imaging machine learning techniques are used in medical image analysis for the prognosis and diagnosis of various abnormalities in the human body. Various Machine learning algorithms, convolution and deep neural networks are used for classification, detection and prediction of various brain tumors. The proposed approach is a different comparative classification analysis approach which is based on three different classification namely KNN classifier,Logistic regression & neural network as classifier. It is based on a deep learning feature extraction technique using VGG19. This VGG 19-layer image recognition model trained on Imgenet. Generally, MRI data sequences are analyzed in terms of different modalities and every modality contains rich tissue information. So, feature exaction from MRI sequences is very important task for brain tumor classification. Our approach demonstrated fair classification on BRATS Benchmarks 2018 data set with different modalities and sizes of images,results are without any human annotations. Based on selected classifiers all the classifiers gives accuracy above 90%. It is good compared to  other state of art methods.

September 22, 2021
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