Chapter 3: Intervention through Ayurveda


Meenakshi Shukla
Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur, India


The overall rasa of the compound is kashaya and AnurasaTikta&Katu which causes Sthambhana, Sangrahi, Sandhankar effect. It also helps in Vrana-ropana (healing effects) &shodhana (purifying effects) on vaginal tract soreness. It also has vishaghna (detoxifying), antimicrobial effect which helps to combat the vaginal infection, & heals the vaginal tissues. The phytoestrogenic&phytoprogestenic helps to enhance the thickness of endometrium at desired levels It also works as uterine tonic which provide strength to whole genital tract. With the katuvipaka of compound it digests the secreted mucous, Ama& provokes the digestive fire. The analytical study of drugs shows that it provide essential nutrients. The bioflavanoids, glucosides, tannins & essential vitamins of the compound upgrade the nutritional picture & improves the anabolic activity of body.

August 23, 2020