Chapter 2: Spotlight on Sweta pradara (Leucorrhoea)


Meenakshi Shukla
Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur, India


It is one of the common problems met in gynecological practice which may be due to increased physiological secretions of genital tract or due to some pathology. The word Sweta Pradarais generally found in different context of Yonirogas in the form of Sweta Srava. The word Sweta Pradara consists of two words, the word Sweta means white colour&Pradara means tearing off or redding. It is one of the common problem met in gynaecological practice which may be due to increased physiological secretions of genital tract or due to some pathology. Trichomoniasis is treated by metronidazole (100 mg thrice daily for 10 days),Monilial infection is treated by local application of 1% gentian violet.,For gonococcal vaginitis either ceftriaxone, ofloxacin, ampicillin, or probenecid.Preventive measures Adequate therapy for gonococcal infection and meticulous follow up are to be done till the patient is declared cure.To treat adequately the male sexual partners simultaneously.To avoid multiple sex partners.Associated systemic illness should be treated by intramuscular antibiotic therapy.Foreign body should be removed followed by use of oestrogen therapy.For senile vaginitis: oestrogen ethinyl oestradiol-0.01 ng daily for three weeks is effective. Oestrogen removes the resistance of vaginal pH. There is however chance of withdrawl bleedingAlthough Sweta Pradara is a Kaphaja disorder but the above principle laid down by Acharya Charaka should be kept in mind while treating the disorder. Drugs & treatment principle from the Classical texts shouldn’t be ignored, but newer drugs should be assessed, to enrich the materia medica, with their action based on Tridosha principle. The crux of present situation has generated an idea of searching natural drug for the disorder which is cost effective, safe, long standing, & without having recurrence. Newer contribution with due modification should be like that so as to suit the religion, culture, climatic condition, human constitution, traditions, economical & social conditions throughout the world.

August 23, 2020