Chapter 1:Historical Review on Pradara (Leucorrhoea)


Meenakshi Shukla
Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur, India


Ayurveda has used the term Pradara. Raktapradara or Asrigdara for the discharge of blood from vagina while for discharge of Sweta (white) material from vagina, Sweta pradara word has been used. It is not a separate disease entity but it is a symptom occurring in many diseased conditions. But sometimes this condition become so worse that the other symptoms are neglected by the women & she wants to get rid from this particular symptom. These symptoms also persists without having any specific diseased condition. That’s why Acharyas Charaka, Vagabhatta have described only symptomatic treatment. Sweta Pradara word itself indicates its symptom of white vaginal discharge. The Kapha&Vatadosha vitiated due to abnormal diet or mode of life or with their own aggravating factors reaches the reproductive organs which has become vulnerable due to excessive coitus, abnormal labour, frequent labour, multiparity & abortions, settles the dosha& produces thick foul-smelling vaginal discharges. Among four vedas Rgveda and Atharvaveda are having plenty of references regarding the different aspects of the present context “yoni” (female genitalia) and its diseases.

August 23, 2020