Monitoring of the Hazard Criteria’s of an Atmosphere Pollution


Oksana Dakhova
Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after H.M. Berbekov, Nalchik, Russia
Buzgigit Huchunayev
High-Mountain Geophysical Institute, Nalchik, Russia
Svetlana Bekkiyeva
Kabardino-Balkarian State Agrarian University named after V.M. Kokov, Nalchik, Russia


The degree of air pollution in cities is mainly determined by the number of emission sources and the concentration of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere.  The study of urban pollution is the first step in solving the problem of ensuring normal environmental conditions for the population with minimal damage to the population. Intensive development of industry, agriculture, transport, urbanization, as well as the development of new territories has led to a significant increase in emissions of harmful substances into the environment, which adversely affect people and the environment.  In this regard, the study of the processes and causes of environmental pollution has received significant development.

April 12, 2020